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Saturday, 16 December 2017

Anybody remember Jaiku ?

Anybody remember Jaiku ?
we could have made Jaiku as huge as Twitter
Twitter is now big because of of people like me
one of the very first people to use it as a platform for activism
who made it famous and successful
because it provided us with freedom of speech
I remember meeting officials from Twitter back in 2009
it was a casual meeting in Bangalore India
and how they complained they were poor
and that my tweets and the large number of followers cost them money
then I met other officials in Aspen Institute in Colorado
and asked them to provide us with the ability to see our archives
it was me and Sami Ben Gharbia who asked for this option that helped millions of users worldwide
but now times are changing
the people we knew in Twitter are now gone or replaced
people who were activists like us
keen on freedom of expression
Twitter now is a titan, a huge business that can go to bed with dictators and dictatorships like Egypt and UAE
all they believe in now is money! more money!
so who cares about revolutions, freedoms and human rights

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