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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Qandeel upcoming CNN intvw leaked

أسئلة إعداد مقابلة لقنديل مع سي إن إن

بما أن قنديل لم يرد على الوثيقة التي نشرناها أمس بخصوص معرفته بإطلاق ميليشيات الإخوان النار على المعتصمين سننشر اليوم مراسلات بينه وبين سي إن إن وأسئلة وأجوبة معدة مسبقا لحلقة لم تذع بعد !!!
هذه الأسئلة والأجوبة هي بين معدي قناة سي إن إن وهشام قنديل في إعداد لمقابلة بينه وبينهم لا نعرف إذا تم تسجيلها بعد لكنها لم تذع بعد ويعود تاريخ الإيميل إلى 3 ديسمبر وقام بعمل الإختراق حركة أنونيموس أيضا ثم أرسلوها للعبد لله
الأسئلة والأجوبة أيضا تحمل دلالات خطيرة عن كيف يفكر قنديل ومن يديرون مصر حاليا
أول سؤال هو عن الأمر بالمعروف والنهي عن المنكر
التالي عن المحكمة الدستورية
الثالث عن الشريعة
الرابع عن الحوار مع المعارضة
الخامس عن تحول مصر إلى إيران
السادس معاهدة كامب ديفيد
السابع عن مستعمرات للفلسطينيين في سيناء
الثامن والتاسع والعاشر عن علاقات مصر بأمريكا وأفريقيا وإيران
أيضا تعطينا خلفية عن أن مقابلات الإخوان مع الإعلام معدة مسبقا
ولدينا المزيد إذا لم يعلق قنديل

1. The fears of establishing th e Committee of commanding

righteousness (goodness) and prohibiting evil?

Such fears have nothing to do with the truth, as protecting public/ national

order is maintained via the rule of law, and its practically applied by the

concerned authorities, and ensured via the judicial oversight.

Moreover, not only the draft constitution explicitly protects the personal

rights, freedoms of both women and Egypt’s Christian minority but also it

prohibits establishing Religion-based parties.

2. The members of the supreme Constitutional court is decreased

from 19 to 11?

The number of the Constitutional court’s members worldwide ranges from

7 to 11 members, so its not an awkward matter. Moreover, the President

doesn’t appoint the judges, it’s the role of the Supreme Council of

Judiciary, and the President is responsible of issuing the administrative


3. The role of Sharia law

The new constitution will incorporate a longstanding section that

incorporates some of the “principles” of Sharia law, at The same time it

will make Copts and Jews abide by their own religious laws regarding their

personal matters, as well as it will be broad enough to satisfy the secular


4. Negotiations with the opposition parties’ turmoil


Actually, we welcome negotiations with other political and opposition

groups however they wanted it to be “ conditional negotiations” based on


rolling back the constitutional declaration as well dissolving the constituent

assembly before starting negotiations. This is illogical.

5. Egypt is slowly turned to Iran .

Egyptians have special nature, they are moderately religious, welcoming

and accepting other cultures, religions, nationalities. The fact that the

President and the majority of the people’s assembly are from the freedom

and justice party – the political arm of the Muslim brother- hood- doesn’t

necessitates that Egypt will be a theocratic state, on the contrary Egypt is a

civil state and is experiencing a democratic transition, which aims at

achieving development in various fields.

6. Egypt- Israel peace treaty

Egypt abides by all its international and regional treaties and agreements,

and we are keen on preserving peace in the region. Egypt is giving a due

care to the Palestinian cause, especially the reconciliation between the

Palestinian authority and HAMAS, as well as we hope that negotiations will

be resumed between the Palestinian and the Israeli sides for the sake of

establishing independent Palestinian state.

7. Palestinian settlement in Sinai

Sinai is a part of the Egyptian territory and there is no way to let it go

under any circumstances, as well as we are promoting a comprehensive

security control in Sinai , and tracking down groups and terrorist

cells that

seeks cracking its safety and stability.


8. Relations with United States of Americ a

It’s a strategic, solid relations, as the Egyptian-American bilateral relations

witnessed significant positive developments contributed to the

improvement of relations since the beginning of the new Democratic

Administration when President Obama assumed power on January 20th,


However, its natural to have different viewpoints sometimes regarding

some issues, but both countries share common interests that must be

preserved and maintained.

9. Relations with Africa

Egypt and the African countries enjoyed historic, strong relations,

However, Egypt’s role in Africa was minimized during the prior regime, and

however, nowadays Egypt is working hard to hold back its pivotal leading

position in Africa. Via supporting and promoting bilateral relations, and

working on finding common areas of interest, as well as boosting political

retaliations especially with the Nile river basin countries to sort out the

problem, to reach a win-win situation regarding the problem in hand.

10. Resuming relations with Iran

Negotiations between both sides started years ago for the sake of solving

pending problems between both sides. the Iranian authority has no clear

position regarding Egypt, and we have principles and interests that we

respect and will never let go; peace in the middle east , adopting peaceful

resolutions and the policy of non-interference in the domestic affairs of

other countries are our principles and its natural to preserve the national

security of Egypt.


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Posted by: ezz | Wednesday, 27 February 2013

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