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Monday, 11 October 2010

Wael Abbas On BBC Talking Point

مداخلة في برنامج نقطة حوار بي بي سي

للأسف لم تكن المداخلة طويلة لأن الدقاق أفندي أخد كل الوقت في عبه
وطبعا كرر كلامه عن قانون يحكم المدونات
ولخبط بيني وبين مدون تاني معروف بدون ذكر أسماء قال له : خالتك قرعة

Monday, 04 October 2010

Mansoura Police Brutality

فيديو جديد من المنصورة لإعتداءات الشرطة على المواطنين

بعد محاولات حثيثة من وزارة الداخلية للتحكم في تسرب هذا النوع من الفيديوهات من داخل السجون وأقسام الشرطة بالمنع وتنبيه الضباط وحاولات تجميل الوجه القبيح للوزارة في الدراما الرمضانية لم يستطع رجال الشرطة مخالفة طبيعتهم التي دربوا عليها في الشارع لتفضحهم كاميرا المواطن
فيديو وصلني من مجهول
شرطة المرور في المنصورة تقوم بالإعتداء على سائق تاكسي في الشارع

Saturday, 02 October 2010


تحت المجهر - الرقيب

وثائقي - الرقيب - الذي عرض على قناة الجزيرة يوم الخميس الماضي
ويتحدث عن تاريخ الرقابة في مصر والرقابة على السينما والصحافة والإنترنت
يمكنكم مشاهدته كاملا - 51 دقيقة - هنا

Friday, 01 October 2010

In Your Face

In Your Face

Yes, I'm very well aware I'm not good looking and maybe uncool and unhip to some people each according to their own standards, I have no illusions about it, and I need no enlightenment about it thank you! but mind you! that doesn't mean people should assume I'm insecure about it at all, thus they can tread on me or take me lightly.

But unfortunately people sometimes don't accept that, and out of their naiivity tend to play the insecure card in a face-off with me, sometimes those people include but not limited to: State Security, political opponents, friends who loathe or envy you, girlfriends who want to control you and make you feel inferior to them, etc., which to their surprise backfires on them and their own insecurities.

Yes I know it challenges the norms people are used to when it comes to "ugly poor pathetic sods", but believe it or not it happened that I'm flamboyant and I flaunt it, I'm one die-hard narcissistic son of a bitch who never lacks self-esteem or backs down no matter what, and I have a fine taste in women and I deliberately don't recognize or grace the phrase: "out of your league".

So why exactly should that offend you? do I make you feel little? or maybe threatened and insecure yourself? So fuck your norms and fuck what you believe in, I don't tread lightly, I'm here and on your TV and in your favorite newspaper, I do something I love and believe in and people respect me for that, I feel great about myself and never sorry for it, and I still believe there are people in this world who are objective and secure enough - unlike you - to accept me the way that I am, and that might be the only thing I have illusions about, other than that KOSS OMM EL TENNEEN as a dear friend once said!

Wael Abbas