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Saturday, 14 April 2007



I have a question
Is it punishable by American laws to insult a federal officer on a blog?
Because if it is not I'd like to insult the federal officer who stopped me in JFK airport in New York because the mother fucker did not like my name and because of that I missed my flight to Washington DC.
Obviously the mother fucken police is the same everywhere.


Welcome to the game brother, now a days it happens to everyone who's first or last name is suspicious like Mohamad, Ahmad, and so forth. Don't get mad. this is how it looks like ouside the BOX (EGYPT). Good luck next time.

Posted by: The Prince | Saturday, 14 April 2007

Dear Wa2el,
I am sorry you had bad experiences in the US. However, let me assure you that the police in the US and Canada is the most powerful and competent but yet polite and compassionate people in the world. I find it offensive and sickening if you put the Egyptian police and the US police in the same basket. Hisham Selim was in the low life series (Amaken in the heart) trying to convey the same picture and show the police in the US with the same corruption and incompetence everyone experienced in Egypt. He aslo tried to picture the Egyptians living in the US as a bunch of low life scumbags.
I have been an admirer of yours and I wish that you will not fall in the same trap where every journalist, media worker tries to alienate us , Egyptians abroad, from the home land. I ask you to please refrain from that.

Posted by: Hatem | Saturday, 14 April 2007

Dear Wael,

I disagree with what you said. My first name is Ahmad and I hold an Egyptian passport and I am always treated with courtsey and politeness when I am arriving in the US. Everytime I travel through or to the US it's known to me that there will be a "second interview" or what they refer to as "second registration". It's there country and this is how they want to secure it and see who is coming in. It's done to almost everyone who is from the middle east, including females sometimes. The only invoncenience I found was the time lost. You should have made enough time between your first landing in the US and any connecting flights. Now, once you are in the US, you will see that the rest of your travelling is easy and convenient.

Also, if you think you were humiliated or mistreated by any of the officers, on every booth of those officers, especially in JFK, where I landed many times, there is a 1800 number, if you know the name of the officer call the number and report what happened. It doesn't matter that you insult the guy on your blog. If the officer was not professional, then report the incident to that complaints line. If you are telling the truth and this officer is not professional, I am sure he will be reassigned someowhere else, so you do a favor to every non-american who land in JFK by helping them (homeland security) to allow only professional officers to deal with foreigners.

I agree with Hatem, police in North America is not as corrupt or incompetent as in the middle east. Of course there is a level of corruption, but not anyway close to what the middle east has. Here when you are stopped for speeding, the officer comes to your car, shows you the radar gun with your speed on it and asks for your license and insurance with the word "please". Not by sending an ignorant foot soldier to take your things and then drives away or issue the ticket even if your car wasn't even moving!!!

As for the United Airlines flights, I am sure it was the Embraer airplane . the one with one seat on the left and two seats on the right . . seats almost 30 people . . a microbus indeed very inconvenient LOL . . Everytime I fly in it, I always bang my head to the low ceiling cause it's designed for people that are 160cm tall or shorter LOOOL

Anyway . . welcome to North America . .hope you will enjoy your stay :)

Posted by: Ahmad | Saturday, 14 April 2007

Hi Wa'el
Welcome to the club.
America is not that bad man. Trust me, had the disaster of 9/11 happened to us in Egypt while we have one tenth of the power of America, the butcher Mubarak and his thugs would have made the life of suspect passengers a living hell.

Well, it is true that America has changed a lot after 9/11/01. It's defenitly no longer the oasis of freedom and democracy of this earth, but like the previous gentleman said you can't compare the situation here with the Middle East.

By the way, we live in America for so many years and some of us have the US passport, yet we have to go through that hassle whenever we land in JFK. Next time, stay away from our great carrier Egypt Air. If you come through Europe, you should land directly at Dulles airport "only 30 mintues drive to DC" with much less pain.

Anyway, tell us what brought you to DC?. There is a nice Egyptian community here. Let us know if we can help you with anything.

Finally, to answer your question, yes you can call anyone here an asshole including the President especially if you felt that you are not being treated fairly.

Posted by: ash | Saturday, 14 April 2007

Hi Wael,

While I like and admire all the people who actually don`t give up "we tesebh tewla3" and blog and get harassed for what they fight for, i`d have to disagree with you on that one.. while US and Canadian officers are sometimes tough to corner and break down any potential terrorist, they are almost always very professional. Lets remind ourselves that its us that drew that upon ourselves and thanks to mohamed atta, an intelligent university graduate that slip by and caused our reputation unrepairable harm,, so excuse them for that and lets all have patience..

I wish you luck wael.

BTW. I hate elekhwan el moslemeen from the bottom of my heart but after I read what they did to that blogger, I think we are all Ikhwan. Patience Patience Patience..

Posted by: Karim | Sunday, 15 April 2007

yes Wael, i think it is, but u havent mentioned his name or look, so technecally u didnt, :)

but i need to say that the harrasment Wael faced wasnt coz he is arabic or muslim, i travelled thru the states, using the airports and trainstation, and my middle name has a mohammed in it, regardless of the rest of it and my looks, and never i was investigated by police or harrased, wael got harrased simply coz of his activities and coz of being targeted by the egyptian government, they might have conveyed the idea that wael isnt a good citizen or sth. never i was in favour of the conspiracy theory , but unfortunatly this time it is true and i have to admit it now.

lets say that el man7ous man7ous, maybe thats ur luck, :)))

Posted by: Hafsa | Sunday, 15 April 2007

I agree with Hafsa. I know that passengers' names on any US-bound flight are scrutinized and approved or rjected before they board the planes by the US authorities. However, I am somehow sure that the airport security got a "tip" by our "dearly beloved".
Wael, I bet you money that the asshole police general who always makes a complete ass of himself when he tries to insult you on TV will mention what happened next time you are on TV. These idiots will continue to set the example of a stupid police state tricks.

Posted by: Hatem | Sunday, 15 April 2007

I do not know should I laugh or cry when I read your comments? Someone claims it is their land and thez free to take the necessary measures to secure it. He forgets two points: 1- It is the land they butchered the Indians to occupy and enslaved the Africans to build. 2- While they do their best to secure themselves, they do their best to threaten, steal and butcher others to maintain their 'American way of life'. 3-The terrorists are those who rule that damn country. Read about their 'New American power century' and see what did they plan for the Middle East and the Muslims worldwide to fulfill their sadistic interpretation of their holy joly books, especially those about the chosen people and the battle of end of times. 4-Being more curropt in Egypt neither explains nor justifies what those Assholes are doing. After all no one in our beloved curropt country claimed Egypt an example of 'Freedom and Democracy'.

Posted by: Walid Khier | Sunday, 15 April 2007

wa7ashteny yabn el lazena...3amel eh henak...howa enta fa2ary ma3a el amn fe kol 7eta keda.??hahahaha
2ob2a tameny 3alek ya 3am wael..
take care

Posted by: demaghmak | Monday, 16 April 2007

i think it is okay....ur goin to a country u have to follow the rules of that place....the same thing happened to me when i was goin to San Francisco n the officer was very polite just askin some questions and thats it...and also at the federal office there were non middle eastern people...its just a matter of security measurment u have to accept it n deal simply with it...

Posted by: Loay | Monday, 16 April 2007

no, it is not the same motha fucka police every where, in the US, they treated you in a way you didn't like or a way that drived you to insult that officer, just because you are " a peice of shit middle eastern ". He could have never done that to some one of his nation, or a citizen of a civilized country in general, as the way it is in Egypt with the police, just stopping innocent people " also egyptians " in the streets, while running their own daily life and treating them in a way which will cause lots of psycological disorders to any one, and develope the feeling of hatred inside them.
When a police man like that one, stop you, make you miss your flight, don't balme him so much, just balme yourself and the crap country to which you belong, I call it crap because they are so negative and they accept too much of things animals wouldn't have accepted.
He wasn't right with what he has done, but it is no good crying over the spilt milk, it would have been better to think about his reasons, he is just a human being, like the ones here, the only difference is that when people know that they willn't be asked or punished for their deeds, you can see the ugly side of their characters.

Egyptian living in Oslo.
" if you are respected inside your country, you will be respected everywhere else, I mean that, the system of the country will be behind you, supporting you, caring about your matters, but when your system doesn't care about your matters inside its borders, it will never do when you are abroad, try to think how to get an other passport or a second one with keeping the Egyptian one "

Posted by: leefaa | Monday, 16 April 2007

Hi Wael, I wanna tell u this is an isolated single coincidence and it shouldn't take the public's concern cause this ain't the situation in the US. I travel there a lot yet my name ain't Ahmad I'm christian but i travel with my moslem friends Ahmad and Mohamed and nothing ever happens to them.
I agree with 2 comments u should try as much as possible to avoid the mighty "Egyptian airlines" and second u should give them an execuse after 11th sep. the US citizens are freaked and they have all the right to be sure of each single Arabs' papers. They now know hell more than us that "Arab is Garab" and I bet u do know too Wael.
The police there is so co-operative and so polite, and please give them their execuse for wht happened to ya.

Posted by: Romeo | Monday, 16 April 2007


Did they apologise after letting u miss ur flight, did they help u after that????????????????

I"m sure they did but I want a confirmation from you and compare if the same situation happened in Egypt.
Please again give them their execuse
hope u come back home safely

Posted by: romeo | Monday, 16 April 2007

Yes, it is their country and they are trying their best to secure it. Don't forget that the 19 hijackers in 9/11 were middle eastern, and that the US receives hundreds of terrorist threats daily from people from our region.

I have been through something like this in a British airport few days after 7/7 attacks in London. I wasn't bothered at all. Those people have the full right to check my smallest details but with full modesty.


Posted by: Yaser | Monday, 16 April 2007

Dear Wa2el,
I have been living in the United states for many years and let me tell you that here in the States, as in the rest of the civlized world, no one is descriminated against because of race, religion, color or whatsoever, the officier must had a good reason for invistigating you. As an Arab, I pass through all airports in America and some Europian countries during my transites with all respect and I never felt any descrimination. However, you just insulted the officer not the country herself or the system which is kind of acceptible.
If you are here for the first time I gurantee you will find the truth for yourself. The truth about the west with is 1800 degree from the image painted by our biased Arabic media

Welcome into the Unites States,

Posted by: Maged Said | Monday, 16 April 2007

mah7na 3arfen ya wa2l en el police el m3rs mawgood fe kol 7etaaa 3ala el 3mom mestnink fe masr trg3lna bel slama

Posted by: shehab | Tuesday, 17 April 2007

dear wael,
i'm sorry you faced such troubles in your 1st visit to america- dream land- as they always say . wael don't try to convince us that u.s police is the same like egyptian officers those who used to cause suffer to us and find it so amusing and even shoot these moments
allah be with us and allah bless misr.
take care man and comeback safe.

Posted by: mido | Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Dear Wael,

As I told you when we meet in the airport before your last tri to turkey
all he american passort officers are real mother fuckers shit eaters assholes.
so dont be angry although i have a lot of bussiness with US but I decided I will never go back again for these mother fuckers are so dump that makes me proud not to be american.
Anyway I wish you a safe trip back to cairo

Posted by: Ahmed | Tuesday, 17 April 2007

sorry you had to deal with an unpleasant officer. things have changed since 9/11. however, you still have every right to complain if you are mistreated, expecially if they insult you or don't offer to pay for your new ticket.

another thing: i live in cairo and i can say that the police here are the worse i've ever seen in my life, and i've traveled in many countries. they simply do not work or take initiative. they do not know anything about their surroundings, such as the names of famous streets and buildings. they treat white people like me, or fair-skinned egyptians, like pashas and kings but use physical violence against sudanese refugees. this incompetence has everything to do with the goverment's failure to rule the country in a humane, fair and civilised manner.

although i know unequality exists everywhere, and arabs are definitely not treated with respect in many places in the usa nowadays, i am still 100% sure that egyptian police are not only worse that the us police - they are possibly among the worst police in the entire world.

Posted by: michael | Wednesday, 18 April 2007

ح تعرف تقرا عربي عندك

Anyway, hhhhhhhhhh

u've already insulted him why do u ask if it is a crime or not?

He didn't like ur name? why? does bin Laden have a brother called wael?

"fucken police is the same everywhere" !!!!!!!!!!!!

Those people were the first to invent the most terrorist security system

Islam Nabih is a cute cat comparing to them, starting with violations committed against natives and colored, we always forget.

Have a nice time

Posted by: nawara | Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Dear wael
First of all who do you think you are? You are no body ! you are not above the law Mr Wael. That’s one of the big difference between US and Egypt. If you or anyone else, no matter who, looks suspicious, the police has the right to stop and to question you or anyone else in order to keep this country safe and secure. I remember a few years ago, in Liberty Airport in NJ, the police stopped Sharon, the Israeli former Prime Minster just because one of his guard refused to be searched, and it was a problem and they kept him in there for hours…. I don’t think you are more important than Sharon sir, so calm down and come down to earth. They didn’t do anything wrong, they just did their job right.


Posted by: Abr | Friday, 20 April 2007

Dear Wael,

I'm very sorry you experienced poor treatment while in the United States. There are, unfortunately, assholes in every country, some carry a badge.

I promise you, I teach my children to respect all people, regardless of their name, color or origin. There are many good people in the US, sadly it's the asshole that get most of your attention. I hope you run into enough of them so that you may always remember this trip fondly and not with a sense of bitterness.

Enjoy your time in my country, I hope the cherry trees are in bloom while you are in DC.

American Joe

Posted by: American Joe | Friday, 20 April 2007


Posted by: Bahebak Ya homar | Saturday, 21 April 2007

Dear Wael,
when my brother come back from usa, intelligence agency call him and ask do u know bin laden? what do u know about 11 September? r u a terrorist?

all that in arab country

Posted by: some one | Saturday, 21 April 2007

وقع بيان المدونين للتضامن مع عبدالمنعم محمود
شارك بتوقيعك
أنشر البيان في كل مدونة تعرفها
ساهم في حرية المدونين .. وحرية منعم

Posted by: عبدالرحمن | Sunday, 22 April 2007

Probably punishable under Egyptian Law to verbally offend a federal officer on a blog...watch out

Posted by: naj | Sunday, 22 April 2007

'First of all who do you think you are? You are no body ! you are not above the law Mr Wael. That’s one of the big difference between US and Egypt. If you or anyone else, no matter who, looks suspicious, the police has the right to stop and to question you or anyone else in order to keep this country safe and secure.'


Posted by: Walid Khier | Sunday, 22 April 2007

Look wael,
I think I know what happened... while this guy was asking u questions may be not in a nice way.. u did not like the way he talked and u might've gotten sarcastic with him some how .. in return he decided to give u hard time and let u miss ur airplane , it's the same tactics some law enforcement personnel do when they don't like some one or conversation between him and others takes another turn.. so yes u can call him asshole in fact he could be an asshole.. but he played it legal and u or any other traveler is under his mercy in this case but again that is the maximum he can do he don't have any more authority than that... and it's an individual behavior.. means if it was some one else's shift the scenario could've been different.. so finally it depends on the person....second I have to tell u this... in international airports especially in western countries u are treated based on what kind of passport u are carrying.. u could be a piece of shit from Germany and treated much better than a classy decent man from one of the 3ed world countries...( thanks to our beloved country Egypt and it's government ) they are the ones who take the blame..
also dear u have to know one fact.... most immigrants in the US are from the 3ed world countries... I did not see immigrants from Germany or France or Italy except for few... because simply they don't need to leave their countries they still belong to the 1 world countries...
also I have to add one more thing .. most Americans are confined to their content many don't have any idea what is their beyond north America.. which makes them sometimes misunderstand other nationals due to difference in cultural issues.
also I have to tell u that u can file a complaint against police officers or any high ranking official in this country and usually if the person receives multiple complaints from the public... u will not see him again in the same place.. this a job just like any other job u need to behave in order to keep it.. see... they are counting on people to correct the system.. but if no one talks they will keep on doing what they do... ur voice may not be enough but it will sure count and considered.
Take it easy .. enjoy ur trip and understand that their are good and bad people every where even here in the US!
and please don't let assholes get into ur nervs!

Posted by: Truth! | Monday, 23 April 2007

ترجع بالسلامه
تغطية خاصه لأحداث بدو سيناء
مواطن من العريش

Posted by: محمد | Sunday, 29 April 2007

ترجع بالسلامة......وحشت مصر كلها

Posted by: nono | Monday, 30 April 2007


Police in America never discriminate against anyone.

If 9/11 happened in a Muslim country and was blamed on Christians or Hindus for example, we would have seen massacres against those blamed.

So please do not be paranoid. It is A LOT better here than over in the Middle East. So kick back and enjoy the USA while you still can

Posted by: Ahmed Mohammed | Monday, 30 April 2007


man you have guts,bless you,and if every egyptian
unemployed university graduate participate in a demonistration against the 2 dictators mubarak and his son gimi they (the unemplyed)will kik their f... asshole out of our egypt and prosperity will be back to the land of the river nile.

Posted by: Hakim | Monday, 14 May 2007

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